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Can Skin Needling With A Derma Roller Remove Wrinkles And Acne Scars?

Tuesday, 25 February, 2014 Guest Dermal Rolling 0 Comments
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There are several procedures in dermatology that can effectively take care of minor skin problems including wrinkles, scars, stretch marks, and hair loss. Among these are two of the highly-advanced methods: laser therapy and surgery.

People as priority

But then, some people do not prefer high-maintenance procedures because of several disadvantages like the extended time for recovery, expensiveness, and the known risks accompanying these processes. These factors were carefully considered and it led to the discovery of a better modality that can, at least, respond to the previously stated concerns of consumers.

Reality about needles

Micro-needling or collagen induction therapy (CIT), like other cosmetic techniques, can lighten up dark scars caused by acnes and other kind of injury. In addition, it can also smoothen out creases that are present around the eyes and other parts of the face and neck. CIT is also useful in reducing cellulites, a kind of abnormal dimpling that occurs in some parts of the body like the abdomen and the lower extremities.

Not too painful

Pain is one of the many factors that prevent people from undergoing treatments since it is always associated with dermatological methods. In reality, however, micro-needling is not really as painful as it may seem considering that the device being used in the procedure holds numerous small-sized needles.

The entire procedure does not truly cause too much soreness but a number of people who have had this kind of therapy describe the feeling as moderately uncomfortable. A person will feel a throbbing sensation only when excessive pressure is used on the needle-packed device against the skin being treated. Moreover, topical anesthetics are widely utilized when providing skin-needling that is why the sting of the needles will not be totally felt.

Be Patient

The desired result is not automatically obtained right after one session of the collagen induction therapy. According to some credible reports, reduction of a scar's appearance and smoothening out of wrinkles gradually occur until the sixth week after the first treatment. This may be based on the fact that collagen production in the dermis takes this long.

Furthermore, skin-needling treatment must be done more than once because the dermal layer needs further stimulation in order for the collagen and elastin to be manufactured. As a matter-of-fact, about three to four sessions are needed for the removal of a small and light-colored scar.

Manifestation after CIT

No side-effects are known to result from the procedure of collagen induction therapy. However, there would be apparent redness on the treated site and this will subside two to three days after the skin-needling process. Infection is also unlikely to occur if there is no break in the sanitation before, during, and after performing micro-needling. Hence, a person can resume his or her regular daily activities after going through such kind of therapy.

Paying less

Both micro-needling and the tool associated with the procedure do not require too much money spending on the part of the consumer. Utilizing the derma-roller, a portable device with several minute needles embedded on the roller, in collagen induction therapy guarantees both efficacy and affordability. Thus, people's worries regarding their scars and wrinkles will be lessened since there is no need for them to pay for other costly treatment modalities.

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